Four aspects of digital asset management

Escaping the Chaos - Digital Asset Management

Digital assets are computer files or digital documents that have intrinsic value. The value may be realised in the form of licensed rights, or simply the time and effort saved in having to re-create the asset should it be lost.

A digital photograph or scanned image is a classic example of a digital asset, but there are many other types of digital assets including MS Office Documents, PDFs, Video and Audio files and the list goes on and on.

Effective management of ever increasing stores of digital assets is one of the greatest challenges facing businesses today. More and more businesses, organisations and government departments are recognising the need for a solution which not only allows them to efficiently catalogue and retrieve their digital assets but also tightly control access to those assets and how they are integrated into their workflow.

Choosing the right Digital Asset Management or "DAM" solution is the key to taking control and restoring order. If you would like to escape the chaos but aren't sure where to start please read our tips on choosing a DAM Solution.