Take control and escape the chaos with Canto - and Aimtec

Do you have hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of digital assets that are out of control?

As Platinum level sales partners Aimtec has the expertise with Canto technology to provide the solutions that help you escape the chaos, take control, and make you and your customers smile. We have been certified Canto systems integrators since 2001 and our certification is current up to the very latest version of Canto Cumulus - being version 9.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Valuable computer files such as images, documents and videos are your assets, but they are only of value if you can find and reuse them quickly and easily. With each passing day you accumulate more and more digital assets, making the need for a sensible, affordable management system paramount.

Our experience with Canto's Cumulus range of DAM products means we can tailor a Digital Asset Management solution to suit your requirements. Whether you are a photographer wishing to take your portfolio online or a business/department/organisation moving large numbers of files through your workflow every day - we have the expertise and the know-how to save you time and money - and give you back your peace of mind.

Follow this link to learn about how you can escape the chaos of the digital asset explosion using Canto Cumulus.


Aimtec has developed a number of customisations and add-on products for Cumulus for our customers. Our most popular so far has been the deep-zoom plug-in called ZoomA. Find a demo and more information about it here.