CCSI since 2001 CSP Platinum since 2005

Why choose Aimtec for Digital Asset Management?

Canto - World Leaders in DAM Products and Services

Canto ( are at the forefront of DAM solutions with their Cumulus suite of products designed to manage and archive all types of digital assets used in production, publishing, communication,  and other workflows, offering cross-platform and web-based applications that range from easy to install and low-cost archiving solutions to globally hosted DAM systems.

Aimtec - Australia's own Canto Platinum Partner

Aimtec became one of the first Canto Certified Systems Integrators (CCSI) for the Cumulus product in 2001 and in 2005 became the first Australian Canto Platinum Sales Partner - the highest status awarded by Canto.

More than just a vote of confidence, Platinum status means that Aimtec has the best possible access to Canto resources and developers.

As an established provider of internet development and web services since 1997, Aimtec has built a reputation for quality and innovation. These skills have enabled Aimtec to establish market leading capabilities in digital asset management and in particular, Cumulus application development. Aimtec has delivered solutions to some of Australia's top corporates and government agencies.

Aimtec has been a member of the Canto Developer Program since 2001 and have developed a number of generic and custom add-ons and plug-ins for the Cumulus product.

Ricky Patten, DataBasics CEO:

"Aimtec has been a long term partner of DataBasics, providing excellent service and support for their customer base. It is really fantastic that we have independent partners in Australia that can meet the highest level of qualification offered by Canto, putting Australia among the leading centres of knowledge for the Cumulus product."

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